Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Making it all fit

I will be the first to admit that math is not my strong suit, particularly geometry. So when it comes to moving and making things fit into a space...I'm not the greatest. But with the help from some amazing people I am very happy with my new living space and figured I would share how the projects below fit into my room.

To start my bed goes on the farthest wall, with the white dresser I repainted next to it. On top of the dresser is the  re-vamped lamp, a silver heart holder, and a picture of me and my boyfriend :)

I also decided to use some hooks to hang some of my favorite necklaces. I think that it not only looks cute, but when I'm trying on my clothes in the morning I have some jewelry options right in front of me.
I was also worried about not being able to fit this amazing bookshelf and dresser combo that my Aunt gave to me last year. So this year I decided split the set into two pieces, placing the dresser in my closet, and using the bookshelf to store some my favorite things, my shoes.

Next was my desk, which has my new chair, my makeup board and just enough space to get some work done.

The Lamp...Revisited

So I got a bit bored this weekend, and with some extra fabric lying around I added on to the pink lamp I embellished with black ribbon. When I purchased the fabric for my makeup board and chair, I bought way too much.

I got to thinking about a fun way to reuse this pattern and decided to cut out a small section of the fabric and glue it to the inside of the lamp. This way I would create a cute silhouette when the lamp was lit.

I think it looks pretty cool, what do you guys think?