Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Makeup Board

As far as my morning routine goes, I spend the least amount of time on my makeup, yet this weekend while packing up my things I noticed how sad looking my makeup bag was. So I took to the internet to find some fun ways to hold your makeup, and I found a project that takes your makeup and turns it into art.

It's called a Makeup Board and it required a bit of work, but not too much. To start I went to a home improvement store and purchased some sheet metal. I then started to hunt for a frame, and after much searching I found a cute frame, with the ugliest picture in side, at the Salvation Army. They were having a frame sale, so I got the frame for cheap.

I dusted the frame off, and removed the picture inside. I then started to paint some details onto the frame.

 I used some nail polish remover to move the oils on the surface of the sheet metal. Then I measured the same fabric I used on the chair to the sheet metal and place it in the frame. I then used the old picture as the back behind the metal to keep it secure in the frame.

The next step was to hot glue magnets that I bought at the hardware store to my makeup. I made sure to buy magnets that were strong enough to cling to the metal through the fabric. By using hot glue, I can just remove the magnets when the makeup runs out and reuse the magnet.

So here is a picture of the final product! I was also lucky enough to find this old locker decorater/organizer which I painted black to match the board.